The Parc at Kimmswick



 Please review our "Protective Covenants", and pay close attention to Pets,Recreational-vehicles,Trailers,etc....These rules were put in place to create a great valuable community for all.


 GATES/GATE KEYPAD: It seems that some people are having an issue with the gate keypad...We do a bi-yearly maintenance program. It has been noted that children have been seen playing with the keypad, please deter any children you see playing around the gates, or report immediately to a trustee.

When using the keypad, numbers must be put in SLOW AND ONE AT A TIME. Partial, wrong or incomplete codes will confuse and lock the system.

Thank you



All payments can be mailed to 


City & Village 

Tax Office

#3 Hollenberg Court 

Bridgeton, MO 63044





Once a beautiful 200 acre resort and amusement park for the wealthy of St Louis. "Two excursion boats came out of St. Louis, the Providence and the Grand Republic.  They were exclusively excursion boats, providing entertainment and refreshments for a thousand people who drank and danced." page 16 - Life in Kimmswick - Memoirs of William Robert Morrison Bradshaw

This area is now a quaint Victorian style gated community of 75 lots, located next to the Historic town of Kimmswick, MO.

The Parc at Kimmswick neighborhood, has grown tremendously over the last ten years into a close knit community. It's a wonderful place to raise a family, from birth to retirement with its well-kept common grounds, small fishing pond and gazebos.

This site is a resource for our community to share information and plan events at The Parc of Kimmswick.




Please keep your pet/s on a leash!

Do not allow them to do their business (of any kind) in a homeowner’s yard or in the common ground areas including the pond area!  Take their business to your yard.

All feces MUST be picked up by the pet owner immediately upon defecation.

We have had many complaints about this along with excessive barking….(refer to Jefferson county noise Ordinance 205.125) for further information.

Please note that our covenants only allows two animals of each species, in one home.

(See covenants page 12, paragraph 14).

Thank you for your cooperation.





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